Real Estate video is definitely not a new concept.  We’ve all seen a spread of pictures for a house, and those same set of pictures put in a video slideshow that’s set to music.  Those days are gone!  Set the bar higher with a proper video walk-through that highlights common amenities and shows off the home in its true light.


It’s important to know that video is considered strongly among top web sites.  People searching on Google for





   DST MEDIA utilizes the latest SONY DSLR mirrorless camera tech and the post-processing prowess of Adobe Premiere CC (video editing) and After Effects CC(graphics and animation), as well as Davinci Resolve (color grading).  The combination of these will help create a beautiful video for your visitors to inform and delight to.


Don’t miss out on the opportunities that video can give your business.  With the way your future clients consume information, video has to be in your marketing strategy for a successful 2018!